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ULD wide treatment
Wide inline activation
ULS profile activation
Fast & efficient adhesion improvement
ULC CVD Coating
A cutting edge solution for SiOx CVD coating and more
ULD foam treatment
Cold activation of sensitive materials
ULS plasma treatment
The simplest plasma ever with wide application range
ULS-3 for multi-nozzle processing
Using 3 nozzles to cover larger surfaces
ULD wide treatment
A unique solution in the market for high performance treatment of wide or 3D products


K 2016
October 19-26, 2016
Düsseldorf, Germany

Micronora 2016
September 27-30, 2016
Besançon, France

Chinaplas 2016
April 25-28, 2016
Shanghai, China



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The Climate Discussion Continues: COP 21 Paris Summit
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Thin film deposition

CVD coatings (Chemical Vapor Deposition) are performed with Atmospheric Pressure Plasma. Vapors of a suitable metal organic precursor are injected into the plasma. Uniform and homogeneous thin films can even be deposited on polymers.

Film deposition is a recent development topic and many applications for this technology are under investigation. Coatings give advanced functionalities to materials and are easily customized to customer specifications. For example, a glass film adds anti-abrasion property to a plastic part, anti-attrition property to metals or a new optical functionalities to glass.

Process engineers at the Process Development Laboratory of AcXys Technologies are currently studying these processes. Their support is a valuable resource for companies who wish to benefit from these advanced processes.

SiO2 deposition on silicon wafer

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Packaging

  • Life science

  • Energy

  • Microtechnologies

  • Textile & Films