AcXys Technologies, your Grenoble - based plasma technologies expert, is turning 18 this year . We are thrilled to unveil a new l ogo to celebrate our new visual identity.

Clear, modern, solid – AcXys Technologies’ new logo confirms the company’ s evolution toward maturity. Newly designed plain letters anchor the company into its environment, whether business or technological, while the grey and blue shades provide an obvious connexion with AcXys Technologies’ historical identity. The orange twist highlights the capital X, AcXys Technologies’ signature – an allusion to the company’s fizzy creativity and youth.

While we grow, this new visual identity is the milestone that marks the new step AcXys Technologies is taking as a strong and reliable partner to better serve our clients: managing projects, adding value to your business is our everyday motto as we expand.

Together with the age of majority come greater responsibilities towards our clients and partners, while continuing to design, develop and deliver plasma equipment to address your needs.