ULC - Plasma module CVD coating module

UL-Coat equipment

It is used for thin film coatings. Atmospheric plasma is a source of chemically reactive species. Injecting a precursor into a plasma leads to the creation of a surface coating.

  • SiO2 thin film coating
  • Other materials can be coated
  • Thickness: 50 to 1000 nm
  • Optimized thickness uniformity +/- 2%
  • Typicall coating speed : 200 nm.cm2/s
  • Easy to use
  • Needs to be operated with a ULS module

UL-Coat module

UL-COAT module creates a thin film coating, by injecting a precursor into a plasma. The standard module is designed for non-stoechiometric silicon oxide (SiOx) coatings, using an organo-metallic precursor. Other coating compositions can be studied on request. Our R&D laboratory offers R&D outsourcing contracts and can customize your application under a development contract.

The coating device is designed for the ULS technology. It uses a special nozzle adaptor for injecting the precursor into the ULS plasma.

Injection nozzle

The liquid precursor flow is controlled before the injection into the plasma. The module has several components :

  • Precursor tank
  • Flow controller
  • Carrier gas controller