AcXys Technologies, speaker at the last MATERIAL SCIENCE ENGINEERING conference (Darmstadt, Germany)

Keynote speaker at the last MSE conference, Jérôme Dutroncy, R&D manager of AcXys Technologies reviewed all the benefits of atmospheric pressure technology. A "Clean" technology for both the treated material and the environment, its soft temperature (plasma is "cold") makes it a good solution for any metallic, glass or heat sensitive plastics.

metalwettability Liquid spreading before and after plasma treatment

laboratory Homogeneous plasma treatment of complex shapes

The atmospheric plasma is also a particularly efficient and performing treatment, projected onto an open air surface, the active gas (plasma) allows a “very advanced cleaning and an activation on a molecular level that add a hydrophilic effect, strongly improving surface adhesion and liquid spreading,” explains Jerome Dutroncy

With a low running cost, this solution is also very easy to use. "By adjusting the gas composition and the process parameters, we can calibrate the reactivity of the plasma, depending on the material to be treated and the desired surface preparation, either before gluing, printing, painting or varnishing ... "

AcXys Technologies designs and provide a wide range of turnkey products, from the plasma torch "spot" (ULS) to the plasma "curtain" (ULD) designed for the treatment of large surfaces and objects with complex geometry. The company's strength lies in the high competence of its R&D and a very good knowledge of plasma processing. As Mr. Dutroncy said, AcXys Technologies can “explore,test and develop a personalized plasma solution that respond to the specific needs of the customer.”