3D surface treatment by atmospheric pressure plasma, a clean technology

Atmospheric plasma has many advantages over common treatments by chemicals: this is a clean technology for both the treated material and the environment. Its cold temperature makes it fitted to the processing of almost any material, even the most sensitive. The plasma is also very simple to use: its chemical reactivity is easy to calibrate, giving access to a wide range of applications, from surface preparation before bonding, printing, varnishing ... to thin film deposition.

ULD3DHomogeneous plasma treatment of complex shapes                                         

AcXys Technologies, is a specialist of this atmospheric plasma solution, and provides a wide range of industrial equipment from plasma "spot" (ULS) for localized treatment to plasma "curtain" (ULD) for the processing of larger and more complex shapes.

3D combination of multiple plasma curtain sources

"Following the request of manufacturers wishing to perform inline processing of three-dimensional parts, AcXys Technologies wanted to go further on the curtain technology ", explains Mathieu Thomachot, sales manager.

"By combining three or four ULD plasma sources , it becomes possible to simultaneously treat all sides of the part , down to every corner of its shape." This solution can treat in no time (120 parts / Min for parts of 10/15 cm wide), bottles or caps of cosmetics, automotive components, aerospace composites... "A new device developed by AcXys Technologies strongly reduces the gas consumption of the plasma sources,leading the 3D plasma processing to a very competitive solution."