ULS – The easiest surface activation technology

As a key solution in surface pretreatment, atmospheric plasma goes on / keeps on improving its range of applications. Materials and finishing processes are pushed to an extrem with the high potential of plasma. More and more overiding common chemicals or mechanical pretreatment, atmospheric plasma grew in industry uses because of multiple advantages like its low running cost or ease of use and high efficiency

AcXys Technologies provides a wide range of atmospheric plasma equipments, beginning with a fast, simple and handy module, called ULS.

ULS module is a small turnkey solution conceived to be the simplest to integrate and to control. Featured with a tabletop generator and an atmospheric plasma nozzle, it only requires 230V power supply and compressed air to work ! After fixing /mounting the nozzle on a production line or a robot, you just have to start the plasma with a simple touch screen or automated external signals.

QuickSet200QuickSet200 Module

As robotisation is sometimes required, AcXys Technologies have developed a new fast and easy robotisation solution, called QuickSet. QuickSet robotisation is a range of 2 to 3 axis robots, meant to be as easy to integrate as the ULS is.You can see all the details on the QuickSet product page. Combined with a ULS module, it becomes the simplest and the most affordable robotised atmospheric plasma solution on the market.