Atmospheric plasma, a surface treatment for plastic

To process plastic surfaces, a growing number of manufacturers are using atmospheric plasma treatment. It provides significant advantages compared to the use of chemicals. "This is a 'clean' technology for both the treated piece and the environment and its low temperature, the plasma is 'cold', makes it fitted to the processing of almost any plastics, even the most sensitive", says Jérôme Dutroncy, R&D manager. AcXys's plasma is also very effective "with its finely adjustable processing reactivity, the plasma treatment can replace, in a single step, multiple stages of a chemical preparation as the use of primers, solvent cleaning or flamming."

plasmaelectronicULS plasma treatment of an eletronic card before resin coating

plasmacurtainULD plasma treatment of a plastic foam

Cold plasma : handy and efficient

In open air or in a controlled atmosphere, the plasma can graft multiple chemical functions onto the plastic (hydrophily, glue affinity) required for the desired application as improving printing, painting, varnishing, gluing, or other coating process. AcXys Technologies offers a wide range of products, from spoted plasma (ULS) to plasma curtain (ULD) for the treatment of large or 3D surfaces. Through its expertise AcXys is able "to analyze, test and develop the best fitted plasma solution that will meet the customer needs."