Atmospheric plasma, many uses and developments

Surface treatment by atmospheric plasma is still too unknown in industry, including the plastics processing industry. Yet it has many advantages over traditional wet chemical treatments. This is a clean technology, for both the treated part and the environment. Its low temperature (cold plasma) makes it suitable to the processing of almost all materials, even the most sensitive. AcXys Technologies a young company has made atmospheric plasma its specialty.

The technology has a wide range of uses. By varying the composition of the gas used and the process parameters we can modulate the effect of plasma to fit very finely the material to be treated to the desired application: - Surface preparation (before gluing, printing, painting, varnishing ...), thin film coating, surface finishing ...

plasmaspotSpoted plasma treatment of metal part using ULS module

tubegouttePlasma activation inside tubes,ink drop before (left) and after(right) treatment

Optimized Plasma solutions through research and development

AcXys Technologies offers a wide range of equipment, from spoted plasma (ULS) to plasma 'curtain' (ULD) for the treatment of large or complex geometry surfaces. The strong point of the company is also the expertise of its R & D team in physics, plasma and materials chemistry.

This substantial experience allows AcXys "to study, test and develop customized plasma solutions that will fit the exact needs of the customer.

AcXys also keep developping new plasma applications, leading the company to provide some exclusive solutions, as in thin film coating or in high quality activation.