AcXys Technologies provides a wide range of expertise to its customers

Our area of expertise covers everything from services to specially designed equipment, giving to each customers needs the simplest, fastest, and best fitted solution.

From simple plasma testing to standard in-line equipment and to turn-key special equipment for complex project development, AcXys team knows how to adapt plasma solutions to each specific projects they see.

Our worldwide consulting and testing services cover all aspects of our atmospheric plasma technologies. From on-site surface testing to application lab trials we provide a real simulation of plasma effects with before and after treatment surfaces properties.

OOur project management team leads customers projects from process development to in-line equipment designing. For each project our R&D department find the best plasma process and our engineering department clarifies all technical details and specifications, from equipment drawing to manufacturing schedule.

equipment designingSpecial equipment designing

All plasma devices are manufactured, assembled and tested at our France facility. During all the designing and manufacturing process, we provide weekly updates to our customer, as a good communication is a guarantee of a project success.

Our global presence ensures a fast support for after-sales services as on-site check-up and maintenance repairs.

As the rightful partner for any atmospheric plasma surface treatment project, please contact us !