Atmospheric plasma : ideal surface treatment for plastics

Atmospheric plasma treatment is the perfect industrial solution to prepare plastic surfaces. Providing significant advantages over common chemical preparations, it is a technology with a high added value. Its efficiency combined with a moderate temperature (cold plasma) makes it usable to almost any plastics, even the most sensitive. The process is extremely powerful: by its adjustable reactivity , the plasma treatment can replace, in a single step, a chemical preparation, a solvent preparation, a flame treatment or the use of adhesion primers ..."

ULS-3Activation of ABS dashboard before decoration with ULS-3

ULD largeActivation (ULD) PU foam before bonding

ABS car dashboard and plastic cables

AcXys Technologies provides a wide range of equipment, from common "spot treatment" (ULS) to "plasma curtain" (ULD) designed for wide and complex surfaces. The technology has a lot of applications in plastic industry. You can combine three ULS nozzles at an extruder outlet to treat the surface of a plastic cable (before overmolding or decoration) at a speed of 100 meters per minute. In automotive industry, it is used to prepare dashboard (ABS) before lamination of decoration.  In 2014 will be released the new generator "ULS-8", a single generator with 8 nozzles, handy and easy to use, which can  handle 160 mm wide surfaces at high speed, in a single pass."