Atmospheric Plasma to process high added value films

To prepare plastic surfaces, atmospheric plasma offers significant advantages over common methods of chemical preparation. This is a high added value technology, its effectiveness and moderate temperature (plasma is cold) makes it appropriate to almost any material, plastic, rubber, metal, etc., even the most sensitive. The atmospheric plasma is also very handy: its adjustable chemical reactivity leads to a wide range of applications from preparation before bonding, printing, varnishing ... to surface finishing and thin film deposition.

PlasmaFilmPPULD treatment of PP films

Electronic and photovoltaic sensors on flexible substrates

One of the key solutions of AcXys Technologies is the plasma curtain generator, the ULD module (from 60 to 500 mm wide), dedicated to large and complex surfaces but also to components in microelectronic field. The ULD is well suitable for the treatment of plastic films with high technological value such as the ones beginning to be encountered in photovoltaics and electronic sensors built on flexible substrates, paper and secure packaging, banknotes, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics... Used on polypropylene films (PP) and polyethylene (PE), plasma curtain allows fine cleaning of the surface of films but also their chemical activation for optimal adhesion.