New ULC Injection module for thin film coating

The new ULC module has recently been released on the market. This module, combined with the ULS module (plasma spot) enables thin film deposition (<800 nm) of SiOx, in open air. Working on any material, this type of coating can be used protective layers, for high-value applications. From anti-corrosion layer, anti-scratch or optical layer for markets such as microelectronics, watchmaking or medical equipment. This technology is easy to set up and cost effective compared to traditional vacuum deposition solutions.

SiOxWafersCoatings on silicon wafer. Left: 150nm SiOx coating with ULC module. Right: no deposit.

A reliable and accurate coating

Based on many feedbacks and testing, the new ULC Module now enables excellent control of process parameters. The new system works without any moving parts, resulting in a good reliability and extreme precision in achieving the coatings. Today, ULC module can coat uniformly up to 400nm*cm²/s per nozzle. We are currently developing a multi-torch version of the ULC in order to make a coating solution for large surfaces at high speed, to meet the most important production needs.