The conference draws attendees from academia as well as leading industrial technology providers from the electronics, flat panel and automotive industries. Every year the IACC provides attendees with information about the most cutting edge advancements and technologies in adhesion, plasma and coating processes. The Korea Economic Daily covered the conference this year and attended many of the guest lectures, gaining significant international exposure by some of the largest technological industries throughout the world.

Guest speakers and lectures are scheduled regularly throughout the two day event to educate attendees about existing and future adhesive and coating technologies. On November 18, Jerôme Dutroncy, the Innovation and Partnership Manager at AcXys Technologies and Steve Park, the CEO of Advanced Technologies Co (ATC), gave hour long lectures on Advanced Developments in the field of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas, Devices and Coatings. Both Jerôme and Steve are leading innovators in their field and were able to help attendees understand the future of adhesion and coating issues and the latest technical trends that are developing. While a large overview of atmospheric plasma potentials were presented at the conference, an emphasis was put on industrial applications using plasmas as well as coatings processes.

Having representation by AcXys and ATC provided an excellent opportunity for the companies to meet with customers and leaders in industrial technologies to discuss future projects and how best to integrate the newest technologies into their existing projects. The companies have developed the most advanced technologies in the field. They are able to offer their clients clean, efficient and cost effective processes to improve adhesion to a wide range of materials as well as to coat and protect surfaces

Remaining at the forefront of their field, both AcXys Technologies and ATC were able to contribute extensive knowledge about the advancements in the technologies to potential customers and attendees of the lectures. Showcasing the latest developments in the adhesion and coating field, the companies were able to initiate new opportunities with customers looking for the latest and best technologies.

In front of ATC premises. From left to right : Mr Choi, Mr Lee, Mr Dutroncy, Mr Park.

Steve Park (ATC) and Jérôme Dutroncy (AcXys Technologies)