This major event will bring together hundreds of influential delegates from nearly 200 countries. Representatives include CEO's and business leaders of global corporations, as well as heads of government, diplomats, ministers, and campaigners.

It seems that while technological innovation is steadily advancing, the climate of our world is rapidly deteriorating. All representatives come with a common goal: to create a new international agreement on climate change applicable internationally and across borders. Attendees also aim to create a strategy for controlling and decreasing the effects of global warming.

This is a significant opportunity for all industrial manufacturers to reassess the processes in which they manufacture and to create a stricter emissions policy. Atmospheric plasma technologies can bring increased benefits and help solve common environmental problems in manufacturing. Some of these solutions include:

  • Eradicating the solvent based primer by grafting appropriate chemical bonding sites on countless materials including plastics, metals, or glass.
  • Evolving from solvent based to water based systems, which will require additional surface preparation.
  • Replacing flame treatment with increasingly versatile technology in a more strategic fire risk reduction.
  • Reaching even higher performance while maintaining lower costs and lowered emissions

Atmospheric plasma technologies offer leading edge solutions in helping maintain and solve global climate problems.

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