This new showroom is an opportunity for AcXys Technologies to demonstrate the latest technological innovations they’re developing for surface treatment of materials using the most cutting-edge atmospheric plasma systems.

Many state of the art systems will be displayed in the 650 square foot facility with highly trained surface treatment process experts on staff to operate them. The new facility allows for the systems to be demonstrated in order for the customers to gain a better knowledge of how the technologies can be integrated into their businesses. The following systems will be on display :

  • A new ULScan System which boasts an extended working area and faster programming center to perform ULS device testing.
  • A ULD120 unit with a 120 mm wide treatment setup, which are ideal for processing large and semi-flat parts.
  • A ULCoat module which will demonstrate fast and extremely high performance SiO2 coating on various materials.
  • A QuickSet Z400 tabletop robot with an improved 3-axis design fitted with an Easy Square Programming Interface.
  • Surface energy measurements:
    • SmartDrop E & SmartDrop F test inks and marker pens
    • Contact angle goniometer which can dispense multiple types of liquids for surface energy determination
  • Chemical wet bench.

AcXys hopes that the brand new facilities will inspire customers, distributors and agents from around the world to come and discuss current products, share new technological ideas and discuss how to collaborate on new and exciting applications of atmospheric pressure plasma technologies.
For more information feel free to contact AcXys at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..