AcXys Technolgies masters processes that significantly increase the adhesion of polymers.

Polymers are materials known as difficult to bond. Their use and bonding are commonly practiced in the industry. Atmospheric plasma is an innovative, clean and especially effective solution to this issue. Typically, this technology generates an air plasma. Projected onto a surface, it allows the chemical modification of it, while improving on the one hand the "surface energy", which provides a better wettability and on the other hand improving its adhesion.

adhesionbeforeafterImproved gluing with plasma from adhesive failure to cohesive failure
wettabilityhalfImproved gluing with plasma from adhesive failure to cohesive failure

Contrary to a common misconception, the efficiency of the bonding does not depend directly from the surface energy. It is in fact due to the grafting on the surface of new chemical functions used to create strong bonds between the molecules of the surface and the adhesive. It is the composition of the gas used to create plasma that defines these functions.

"AcXys Technologies laboratory has developed and tested new recipies, allowing the grafting of new functionalization, more effective on the materials and adhesive used. It is thus possible to obtain record adhesion qualities, up to change the type of failure between materials, from adhesive to cohesive.


In some cases, treatments that give the highest breaking strength are not those which will get the best wettability. By selecting adapted recipes we can separate adhesion and wettability issues ! Compared to other suppliers, AcXys Technology's high plasma knowledge will help you get solutions that use the full potential of plasma technology.