We support you in operating at an industrial level all aspects of atmospheric pressure plasma technologies for surface preparation

We specialize in atmospheric plasma surface treatment and support every step of your projects, from design to on-site service :

  • – Feasibility and process development
  • – Equipment design
  • – Shipping and setup
  • – Training
  • – Maintenance and servicing
  • – Equipment rental
  • – On-site tests
  • – R&D studies

AcXys Technologies combines every field of expertise to achieve the full potential of our surface treatment equipment and master all their features.

R&D is at the core of AcXys Technologies, enabling us to keep on pushing forward and create even more surface treatment functions thanks to plasma technologies.

R&D is part of AcXys Technologies DNA. In our permanent quest for innovation, we devote a significant part of our budget and workforce to R&D. We strongly believe that an efficient R&D is cross-sectoral – therefore innovation at AcXys Technologies is project-driven – involving staff at every level and in every department of the company.
R&D is also about collaborating, sharing and building partnerships. AcXys Technologies has developed several innovations teaming with universities and industrial companies, both in France and abroad.

Energy, innovation and responsiveness are part of AcXys Technologies’ DNA.

To optimize our products and service offers, all the necessary skills are in-house. Our cross sectoral team excels in :

  • – Electronics
  • – Automation
  • – Industrial computer systems
  • – Electricity
  • – Mechanics
  • – Plasma processes
  • – Chemistry
  • – Material sciences

We are rapidly expanding and value a close relationship with our clients and partners. Our team of experts is key to success in creating and adapting solutions to meet a large range of industrial requirements. We pride ourselves in accurately and appropriately responding to our clients’ expectations.

At AcXys Technologies, we value multifaceted and dynamic talents, from many different backgrounds – but all sharing the same enthusiasm.