AcXys Technologies developed ULCoat : thin layer deposition made easy – countless applications


By injecting a precursor into the plasma  post-discharge, ULCoat deposits thin layers onto the treated surface.

ULCoat is a system that vaporizes and injects a precursor under the plasma nozzle. The ULCoat is used coupled with an OMEGA ULS generator.

The standard unit has been designed to deposit SiOx using a metal-organic precursor. However, other recipes can be developed upon request.

AcXys Technologies’ process development lab is at your service to develop the application that meets your needs under a research and development contract.


ULCoat is available as a standalone equipment or as OEM.

ULCoat technology

  • – Coupled to ULS OMEGA module
  • – Used for thin layers deposition
  • – Adjustable thickness from 50 to 1000 nanometers
  • – Even thickness with +/- 2% variation
  • – Processing speed for treatment up to 200 nm.cm2 / s
  • – Standard version is optimized for SiOx deposits

Injection nozzle

Precursor flow is monitored prior to its injection into plasma. This module combines the following elements:

  • – Precursor tank
  • – Precursor flow control
  • – Gas flow control
  • – Heating component (optional)

Intuitive digital interface touchscreen

  • – Integral touchscreen (remote if OEM)
  • – Intuitive controlling
  • – Multilingual interface
  • – Error detection and troubleshooting
  • – Real time display of instructions

Compatible gas

  • – Air
  • – Nitrogen
  • – Other gas mixtures

Benefits of ULCoat

  • – Low temperature
  • – Thickness uniformity with 2% variation
  • – Other deposits can possibly be integrated
  • – OpenFlow version available for the development of new deposition processes