ULScan: turnkey equipment for surface activation and thin layer deposits


At AcXys Technologies, we have developed ULScan to address our clients’ needs in terms of cutting-edge atmospheric plasma technologies with fully integrated, simple and user-friendly equipment.

ULScan in detail

ULScan uses ULS technology for surface activation and UL-Coat for thin film deposition.

Treatment is applied via linear axes, automation functions and touchscreen control are included.

This technology is particularly suitable for treating flat (large or small areas) and semi-cylindrical parts.

2-to-3-axes tabletop QuickSet robots (2 or 3 axes available)

ULScan main features

  • – Electrical cabinet
  • – Closed chamber for treatment
  • – User protected from mechanical hazards
  • – Enclosed treatment zone protects operators from waste gasses
  • – Touchscreen
  • – Automated programming modes
  • – Emergency stop
  • – Door sensor
  • – Extraction sensor