We specialize in atmospheric plasma surface treatment – your needs, our services for an easier approach of plasma technologies

R&D for processes

R&D is part of AcXys Technologies’ DNA – our innovative spirit keeps us at the forefront of industrial applications using atmospheric plasma.

Our lab has all the equipment, knowledge and tools required. The team is also ready to meet our clients’ challenges, develop and implement their processes.

At AcXys Technologies, we welcome your questions and samples to test at our facilities and lab. Those complimentary services aim at serving your purposes, meeting your needs and even exceed your expectations as of plasma technologies.

At AcXys Technologies, we offer to manage your projects with our in-house skills and expertise, from the early stage of R&D to delivering a turnkey, fully set and installed solution right at your premises.

Equipment rental

Set aside the sale of plasma equipment and their investment, AcXys Technologies has long offered to rent standard plasma equipment – either as a temporary or permanent solution (optional lease).

You can therefore choose the best solution for you with total confidence and in complete security.

Staff training

Whether you are newly implementing plasma technology for surface treatment or need to provide scientific training to your teams, AcXys Technologies will happily provide training programs to share the knowledge and good practices that you need.

Lean on us to develop long term partnerships and get the best of our plasma technologies.

A responsive customer service

We fully control the manufacturing of our equipment, as we cater in-house production of our machines. This ensures an extreme responsiveness and customer service. Our teams are available worldwide as necessary.

At AcXys Technologies, we value the life span of our equipment and we are always eager to improve their productivity. To that end, we offer service and predictive maintenance contracts.

PASS : Plasma As a Service

AcXys Technologies, a world acknowledged specialist for atmospheric pressure plasma solutions for surface treatment and ECP, the leading company of ultra-clean solutions for microelectronics, medical, pharmaceutical and generic industries, team up to propose Plasma As A Service (PAAS), the best outsourcing option for surface treatments.