Our plasma equipment for surface treatment is fully designed and manufactured at our premises in France

To meet these targets we follow quite simple rules :

  • Full, internal  product quality control.
  • Use the best components.
  • Manufacture, verify and test all our equipment internally.
  • Hire talented and multifaceted staff.

Our equipment is entirely designed in-house, at AcXys Technologies, thanks to our design team and assembly department. We only outsource (purchase or subcontract) some basic components.

At AcXys Technologies, our aim is to offer highly efficient and affordable solutions covering a wide array of industries.

The history of AcXys Technologies is one of an innovative company full of energy, created from a thinking-outside-the-box idea for the industrial use of plasma technology.

The pioneer spirit of an industry specialist in R&D led to the birth of AcXys Technologies at the beginning of 2000s. The company based itself in Grenoble, the cradle of ground breaking technologies and innovation.
Supported by a patented technology, the company rapidly blooms and develops a range of industrial solutions dedicated to atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment. From the beginning, AcXys Technologies was adopted by industry leaders and research majors in many countries.

2016 marked a milestone as the company moved to new, expanded premises, doubling its surface area and manufacturing capacity, hence improving its productivity to face increasing customers’ requests.



PDG d’AcXys Technologies

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