QuickSet : the turnkey solution for robot controlled surface treatment

Quickset Motion Solutions

To offer its customers quick and simple solutions, AcXys Technologies has developed standard robotic equipment adapted from its ULS and ULCoat plasma modules.

On request, AcXys Technologies can also expand the capabilities of the QuickSet Cartesian robot to meet specific production line installation needs.

QuickSet in detail

  • – 3 axis cartesian coordinate robot with linear interpolation
  • – Operating area : 250mm x 330mm x 100 mm
  • – Max speed 300mm/s
  • – Closed chamber for plasma treatment
  • – Isolated electrical and electronic components
  • – Remote onscreen control

Axis control interface

Intuitive digital interface

  • – One user friendly operator/machine interface
  • – Many programmable I/O
  • – USB slot for extra memory
  • – Remote 7’’ touchscreen
  • – Manual or coordinate based programming of trajectories
  • – Linear interpolation
  • – EasySquare feature for automated surface scanning and trajectory programming

Parameters :

  1. Start and Stop coordinates
  2. Velocity and path width

Fonction Easy Square