Meet AcXys Technologies ULS range : incredibly simple to install and use

ULS range

Two versions of ULS equipment are available: ULS NANO and ULS OMEGA.

Both ranges are available as standalone or OEM versions (OEM is screen free).

ULS Nano

ULS Nano


ULS NANO has all of AcXys Technologies’ plasma power and high performance combined ​into a cost effective, compact and versatile machine.

ULS Omega

ULS Omega 1

ULS Omega 2

ULS Omega 3


ULS OMEGA has all the interfaces and flexibility required to integrate plasma technologies into complex scientific or industrial environments. This is the ideal equipment when the parameters of plasma processing need to be monitored and controlled and there is a need to interact with other equipment of the production line.

The OMEGA ULS is available as standard with 1, 2 or 3 nozzles to increase the processing capacity according to the cycle time requirements.

ULS OMEGA is available with 1, 2 or 3 nozzles to leverage the capacity of treatment in accordance with cycle durations.

ULS modules are flexible and versatile – they can accommodate a larger number of nozzles upon request – should large scale treatments be necessary.

ULS technology

  • – Easy to integrate, thanks to a small footprint and a compact nozzle.
  • – Localised, powerful “spot” or large area treatments.
  • – Operates in atmospheric or pressured ambient air.
  • – External monitoring via I/O signals, Modbus RTU on RS485 or Modbus TCP/IP
  • – Standalone or OEM version

Intuitive digital interface

  • – Integral Touchscreen
  • – Intuitive control
  • – Multilingual interface
  • – Error detection and troubleshooting
  • – Real time display of instructions

Compatible gas

  • – Air
  • – Nitrogen
  • – Other gas blend

Benefits of ULS technology

  • – Clear separation between material treatment and electrical discharge
  • – Safe from electrical hazards
  • – Extra-large range of applications for any type of material
  • – Easy to install
  • – Control of Process parameter and settings
  • – Cost effective