Plasma is an efficient, eco-responsible and cost effective solution for surface treatment

What is atmospheric plasma ?

Plasma is often called the « 4th state of matter ». Unlike solid, liquid matter or gas – all of which can be found naturally in the environment, plasma can only be obtained when submitting a gas to a continuous energy source.

Plasma can be achieved when placing 2 electrodes into a gaseous environment, then maintaining electrical tension to generate a discharge. This action creates an ionized environment containing many highly reactive species, including ions (charged either positively or negatively) and excited or meta-stable molecules.

The properties of the reactive species obtained cause very fast chemical reactions that are used for surface treatment.

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Atmospheric Plasma

Depending on how the plasma was created and the intended use , the temperature of the gaseous environment may remain quite low, close to room temperature, or peak to 1000°C, hence the terms cold plasma or thermal plasma.

Cold plasma or thermal plasma?

Atmospheric plasma pressure plasma or low-pressure plasma?

Plasma can be generated in low pressure conditions or at atmospheric pressure.

Under low pressure, plasma must be obtained in a vacuum chamber coupled to a pumping system in order to reach a pressure lower than the atmospheric pressure. This allows many possibilities for surface treatment. However, the length of the vacuum generation phase is more often than not a drawback that limits its potential use on an industrial scale.

Under atmospheric conditions, plasma is obtained using systems and processes designed for this very purpose. This provides a considerable cost-effective advantage: no investment is required to purchase a vacuum chamber and pumping system, and the specific equipment smoothly integrates into the actual production lines, hence increasing the manufacturing productivity.

The use of atmospheric plasma provides a range of advantages over conventional treatment methods. The main benefits include:

Operational efficiency: The system’s ability to function at standard atmospheric pressures eliminates the requirement for vacuum processes, streamlining production while saving time and resources.

Eco-friendliness: In most of the case, this technology uses no chemicals, contributing to a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional cleaning or adhesion inducing methods.

Safe : Operator safety is increased as the process is generally chemical free, with limited heating of parts and easy process integration.

Reliable results: With consistent and precise performance, atmospheric plasma treatment ensures even activation across the material surface without damaging it.

Versatility: Easily adaptable to multiple manufacturing applications, atmospheric plasma is effective on a large variety of materials including metal, glass, composite, and plastic.

What are the benefits of atmospheric plasma treatment ?

What are the support and services offered by Acxys Technologies?

Acxys Technologies is committed to meeting customer needs through services including:

Product trials: Customer specific trials can be conducting either in-house or at the customer’s site. Equipment is available for rent should the customer wish to run their own trials or to cover short order/production runs.
Consultancy: Providing expert guidance and support for selecting the best atmospheric plasma solution, with consideration given to compatibility with pre-existing processes and industry-specific requirements.
Installation and training: Ensuring smooth installation, integration into manufacturing lines, and employee training for proper system operation and maintenance.
Maintenance service: Offering preventative and periodic maintenance plans, as well as fast troubleshooting and repair services keeping systems operating reliably at all times.

The potential of atmospheric plasma treatment is reaching new heights as its innovative applications continue expanding across diverse industries. AcXys Technologies stands at the forefront of this evolution, bringing state-of-the-art surface treatment solutions to businesses worldwide. By employing cutting-edge technology, superior expertise, and unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, AcXys Technologies sets the stage for a breakthrough manufacturing experience powered by atmospheric plasma.