Plasma Equipment

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The best of atmospheric plasma equipment for surface treatment.

Test inks and test pens

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Check the efficiency of plasma surface treatment with a comprehensive range of test inks and test pens.

Fully Automated Equipment

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We design turn-key equipment based on your specifications in order to meet your needs.

Plasma as a Service

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From R&D to full sub-contracting, a comprehensive range of services dedicated to achieving the best results for surface treatment.

A leading partner for your plasma surface treatment solution

Dedicated to atmospheric plasma technologies, AcXys Technologies is a key player for industrial plasma surface treatment applications. Thanks to a dynamic and international team, AcXys Technologies support numerous customers worldwide and offers state of the art plasma surface treatment equipment for various applications.




Atmospheric Plasma technology benefits

Atmospheric plasma is a clean, fast, efficient, cost-effective, automation-friendly and reliable technology. It is a perfect solution for any industry looking for sustainable manufacturing methods that respect both people and the environment.

Innovation promotes the development of surface treatment performance

Thanks to a cutting-edge R&D team, we are constantly innovating and offering new products on the market. Responding to customers’ requirements encourages us to develop evermore innovative products.

Cost-effective plasma solution

We offer industrial products with optimized costs of ownership to keep your processes competitive.

Customizing surface treatment to specifications

Each customer has specific requirements. That is why we listen to you, in order to meet them as best as we can. Listening to customers is our top priority!

Quick and efficient customer support

A good after sales service is a responsive one. You call us, you hear from us!