The perfect atmospheric surface plasma treatment for the surface preparation of all types of material

At AcXys Technologies our focus is exclusively on atmospheric pressure plasma technologies

A renowned manufacturer of plasma equipment for surface treatment, AcXys Technologies supports many clients worldwide in providing them with cutting-edge plasma treatment technologies.

Benefits of atmospheric pressure plasma

With their easy automation features, atmospheric pressure plasma technologies enable a cost effective, quick and environmentally friendly implementation of manufacturing processes to better address the ever increasing requirements of industry.

Our range of plasma equipment

AcXys Technologies has developed a range of standard plasma equipment for surface treatment, as well as highly effective automated and integrated solutions.

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Test inks and Test ink pens

Our range of test inks and test ink pens allows the measurement of surface tension to assess wettability capacities and follow up on plasma treatment efficiency.

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Work with AcXys

From the development of plasma surface treatment processes to industrialization, benefit from the support of AcXys through a large panel of services and a responsive team within the customer service department.

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