The atmospheric plasma treatment experts

AcXys Technologies, a dynamic team always looking for innovation. Look at the DNA that makes AcXys a unique company!

A top expert in atmospheric pressure plasma treatment

AcXys Technologies provide efficient, clean and economic plasma solutions for numerous industrial applications. Our engineers and partners are leading experts in plasma processing and surface improvement. As surface chemistry specialists, we keep developing new atmospheric plasma technology applications for industrial and laboratory use.

Developing new processes together

Our standard products are engineered to meet the industrial specifications and laboratory requirements. Customized solutions are always feasible. We provide sales, technical and process support worlwide.

1 team, 1 goal

As an expanding business, AcXys Technologies guarantees a strong relationship with their customers and partners. Our team members are the key success in creating and adapting solutions fitted to a wide range of industrial needs. As a tight unit, we work together in achieving our customers goals.