Miniweb - Turnkey solution

Mini-Web equipment is a surface treatment machine for roll materials. It uses ULD technology for surface activation.
A winder makes the material move under the plasma source. The unit includes a PLC control and a touch screen interface.

Motorized roller

Electrical cabinet

Treatment enclosure

  • Protecting users from mecanical risks of axis movements
  • Isolating treatment and protecting users from plasma gas outflow

Control screen:

  • Automatic mod programming


  • Emergency stop
  • Door detector
  • Exhaust detector


Models Miniweb-60 Miniweb-120 Miniweb-250 Miniweb-380 Miniweb-500
Treatment width 60 mm 120 mm 250 mm 380 mm 500 mm

Technical specifications (size, electrical and gas supply,...) depends on the model and his options. Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations.