AcXys Technologies’ plasma technologies

At AcXys Technologies, we pride ourselves in fully developing our own plasma technologies, including the integrated output electronics embedded in generators, thus releasing extremely efficient plasma sources.

These plasma technologies are fast processing and can easily pair with industrial applications dedicated to multiple materials.

The impact of plasma treatment on surfaces

Plasma state provides an important chemical activity that can be used on many materials to modify their upper surface. Simply direct the gaseous stream of reactive species towards the surface to process.

The resulting chemical reactions used for surface treatment can be split into three groups.


Plasma technologies can remove extremely thin layers of superficial contaminants, whether of organic or oil-hydrocarbon natures.

Some applications use this feature in addition to liquid based cleaning technologies.


Surface activation aims at modifying the top surface of a material, adding atoms or molecules.

This simple process is widely used in industry, especially for applications designed to increase the adherence capacities of a glue, ink, paint or varnish.

For surface activation or finish cleaning, AcXys Technologies has developed 2 product ranges : ULS equipment and ULD equipment.


Plasma technologies are used in thin layer deposit processes especially for surface modification.

Precursor chemical products, either liquid or gaseous, are injected into plasma to achieve the thin layer deposit.

The AcXys Technologies ULCoat equipment has been specifically developed for the purpose of depositing SiO2 layers.