Industrial application of plasma for surface treatment


Atmospheric plasma is a key component for modern cars manufacturing that involves polymers and composite materials. A good adhesion or a good wettability are important criteria for ensuring a production with a good quality. Plasma is an excellent tool for surface treatment in the automotive industry.

AcXys Technologies offer solutions like ULS or ULD, that are easy to integrate into existing production lines.
Some application examples:

  • Windscreen / frame adhesion enhancement
  • Paint / composite or plastic parts adhesion enhancement
  • EPDM profiles treatment
  • Bonding path activation before glue dispensing and pressing


Aerospace industry is always looking for new materials: polymers, ceramics, metals, high performance fibers, with light weight and high resistance.

These materials need a good and appropriate surface treatment. Atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment offers a good option for preparing these materials, as compared to conventional processes that use chemicals.

AcXys Technologies is an ideal partner for a new product development in aerospace surface treatment, with a good knowledge in materials and new surfaces properties, and its capability to design turnkey equipments.


Packaging manufacturing requires high tech technologies that are suitable for very high volumes. Bonding, printing and varnishing are essential proces steps that require an excellent surface preparation in order to be reliable, especially on materials such as paper, glass and plastics.

As compared to chemical or mechanical surface treatment, atmospheric plasma surface treatment is a very profitable option, fast and environment-friendly. AcXys Technologies has experience in surface properties enhancement, as well as in special equipment manufacturing. It is thus an ideal partner in all the steps of a new product or process developement.


Medical devices, such as syringes, catheters, ophtalmic lenses, microfluidics chips or implants, require the use of advanced materials offering new performances and functionnalities. It is essential to keep their properties during the manufacturing process, which requires appropriate manufacturing processes.

Atmospheric pressure cold plasma offers a simple, efficient and affordable option for treating cutting-edge materials. When it is integrated in a user-friendly equipment, it leads to better medical devices manufacturing.

We supply turnkey production tools, including devices for cleanroom environment.


Electrical components are manufactured by assembling numerous parts, each designed for a precise function: conduction, insulation, mechanical protection, look, power. Each part requires a specific surface preparation. Metal cleaning before finition, insulating parts bonding, information printing, all these are simple examples of what plasma can do.
Application examples:

  • Membrane treatment before coil bonding
  • Activation before screen printing
  • Metal treatment before polymer spraying


Some micro-technologies applications examples:

  • Surface treatment before bonding or marking
  • Silicon wafers bonding
  • Oxyde removal on electrical circuits
  • Encapsulation layers
  • Watch manufacturing (preparation of dials before pad printing or varnishing)


New textiles, made of polymers or composites, have new mechanical properties such as restistance, flexibility, and surface properties such as hydrophobicity or oleophobicity. They are a prefered choice for addressing various industrial needs in packaging, medical devices or technical wear. Surface treatment is an essential step for improving dyeing, printing or bonding processes. Atmospheric plasma surface treatment, an innovative dry treatment, can replace a conventional solvent-based treatment.